Blackmart Alpha Apk Download :v2019.2.1 latest Update

Hello friends hope you all are doing well! I am here to give you the download url url of blackmart alpha apk. You are here which means you have already read all about the latest version of the blackmart alpha apk which is 2019.2.1.

You may be thinking that why the version name is so long, right? It is actually same as the release date of the latest version of blackmart apk. The latest update is launched on 1 February 2019. You can get the latest updates of the apk from our website.

blackmart alpha apk download

Blackmart Alpha Apk download

We won’t distract you from the motive by which you are here, so below is the download button of blackmart alpha apk.

Blackmart apk download

Click on the above button to download the app on your android device. We won’t tell you all the crap about how to install the apk. We know that most of you already know that but if you still want to read about it, then below it is.

  • Click on the download button and download the apk.
  • Now, Go to your settings option.
  • Click on allow unknown sources and just install the application as it is.
  • Simple isn’t it? But sometimes the regular updates are launched for which you have to update it within the app.

For problems like those, Just go to “apps & notification” option and click on advanced as shown below.

blackmart alpha apk download

You can see the Install unknown apps option in the advanced option, right? Now click on it and allow it for the app.

Permissions for Blackmart alpha apk installation

Blackmart alpha app asks for some permissions which are necessary for the running of the app. But still we feel that our users should be fully aware about the permissions taken by the app. So here we go!

1. Location

The location permission is taken by the app for the proper running of the application. The application supports advertisement which need your geo location to show you ads according to your interest.

2. Storage

This is the most required permission for the app since all the apps you download are saved in your phone storage for installation if you want it later. This is a necessary permission taken by the blackmart alpha app.

3. Phone

This is an accessory permission taken by the app.

We don’t take any serious permissions and we are open to all if you find anything wrong with the app. We will directly contact the developers on behalf of you if you find any difficulty in usage of the app.

The application is handy to use and only takes up your 50Mb ram while running on your smartphone which makes it more cool. If you are having any problem with the google play store then this can be your choice for usage.

So, By this page you can download the blackmart alpha apk easily which is a perfect alternative for the google play store. If you find any issues regarding installation then comment below. We will surely help you regarding it.


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