About Blackmart.fun

This page is for a little information about the website blackmart.fun and also about the blackmart alpha app.

About the website: Blackmart.fun

This website was launched on Jan 2019 on the new year to give latest updates about the blackmart alpha app. We work daily to give you latest updates and version of the blackmart app.

About Blackmart Alpha app

blackmart alpha app

Blackmart is a free app store from where you can download latest app apks and much more for free. If you have problems regarding space management in your smartphone then this is the best app to use.

The blackmart apk is only of 5Mb and takes about 50Mb of your storage which is way less than the google playstore. This feature makes it one of the best alternative to google playstore.

To get it’s latest updates, you might go to the home page and bookmark us. If you have any issue regarding the app or our website then you can contact us from the contact page. We will surely respond you within 2-3 days.

Thanks for reading! Hope you might be enjoying the blackmart alpha app.