Blackmart Alpha – Latest Working App 2020

Blackmart alpha, Google play store is the biggest app market for Android smartphones and tablets but sometimes due to some reasons we don’t want to use it. It could be it’s large size or any errors in it or mistakenly uninstalled the app. At those times, we search for it’s alternative in the market and blackmart alpha is the best alternative app market for play store.

The latest version of blackmart alpha is v2019.2.1 Download it now from our website by clicking the download button below.


Blackmart alpha is a free app market that can be used instead of play store app for downloading and installing apps on your smartphone or tablet.

You can read a lot of reasons listed here to use this app over Google Play store. If you tend for google play then stop and read them.

The app doesn’t have any drawbacks i.e. rarely one or two but has many good things in it which are loved by the users of the app.

Blackmart Alpha Apk Features

Blackmart is a free to download app with multiple reasons to use it as a replacement. Some of the amazing features of the app are mentioned below:

blackmart alpha apk

Smaller App Size

Can you make a guess of the app by thinking about google playstore size i.e. 100Mb+ ?

No, I bet you can’t! You would be thinking of 50-60 Mb size but instead the app size is only 6Mb. It is smaller than most of the apps installed on your smartphone.  Due to it’s small size, The app can be installed in any smartphone even if you have any ram management problems etc.,

This app is sleek in size and doesn’t puts load on your ram so that you can use it for other apps on your smartphone.

blackmart apk


Download Apk along with app

When you download an app from playstore, it is installed in your smartphone but upon installation it completely goes away. If you want to re-download it then you have to again install it. In blackmart alpha, it won’t be the same.Install the  app along with the apk so if you mistakenly uninstall the app then just click on the apk saved in the file manager and re-install it. You don’t have to download it again.

You can delete those apks anytime by going to the file manager. Click on the Blackmart folder and delete the apk you don’t want.

blackmart alpha

Multiple versions available

In playstore, You can download an app only with the latest version of it. But in blackmart apk, you can install any app. Just choose the version of apk and install it on your device.

Sometimes, the older versions won’t work then please install the latest version of the app for your smartphone. Since, latest version are much better than older ones.

blackmart app

Download but don’t install

Want to download an app but don’t want to install it? Many times we don’t want to install an app and just have to download it for later use. Blackmart apk helps you to download an apk without installation.

Just go to the app you want to install and click on the options menu and choose download instead of install.

blackmart apk for android

Upload Apps for free

Now, You can upload your own apk to the blackmart alpha app for free. Just go to menu and click on devices and go to uploads sections. You can upload any app installed on your smartphone.

Isn’t it fun doing so? You can also get some engagement from there if you are an app developer. This is a good market to share your work.

These were the amazing features of blackmart alpha apk. But all the things in the world has their advantages and drawbacks. Here are the drawbacks of blackmart alpha. Also Read: Mobdro, TutuApp

Blackmart Alpha drawbacks

The app doesn’t has much errors and problems but it has some. The two major ones are: Ads & error while installing. Let us discuss them in details.

blackmart app for android

Multiple Ads

The app has many ads in it which makes it less user convenient. You may sometime feel bad while using the app as it contains multiple ads in it. But you can forget it since blackmart has a large amount of exciting features.

These ads are just to earn some money for the developers for their harwork. It helps them to keep the servers running and serving you all. Unlike google play store doesn’t has any ads in it which makes it cool to use.

blackmart alpha

Installation errors

Google play store gives us the apps which are made for us and are compatible for our smartphone. While blackmart just gives you the option to download any app. Google playstore is more convenient as it only gives apps which you can install and have it’s latest version.

This is one of the major drawback of blackmart alpha app. But still it is a good app to install and use as a google play store alternative.

blackmart alpha

My verdict about blackmart app

After using the app for 1-2 weeks I have come to a conclusion that it is a pretty good replacement of google play store and can be used as it’s alternative. This is a good market app for those who have ram management problems. Even if you don’t have space then also you can use it as it is just of 6Mb.

You can download play store from blackmart app for free. Just search the play store and install it. It can be useful if you have accidentally uninstalled google play store app.

But if you don’t have any of those problems and you have a good smartphone then don’t go for it. It has ads in it which are not very user friendly. But you can still give it a try. It’s easy and contains almost all apks apks present on internet.

Reasons to install blackmart apk:

  • Multiple versions of app installed.
  • Upload free apks.
  • Small app size.
  • Direct dowoad apk.
  • Free to use and convenient.
  • All types of app available.


Download Blackmart apk for Android

So, Now I hope you had get an idea about the app. Without wasting your more time, below is the link yo go to the download page of blackmart apk.

Download Now

After clicking on the download button it will redirect you to the download page for the latest version of the blackmart app for android. Just check it and click on download and the download should get started after that.

For installation of the blackmart app for android, It isn’t simple as the apk is not downloaded from the play store and thus, it is shown as unknown for your Android devices.

You have to allow unknown sources to install it on your smartphone. Below is the procedure for installing the apk.

  • First of all Go to settings and click on security.
  • Now, choose the allow unknown sources and tick on it.
  • After ticking, click on the apk to install.

For Android 7+ the procedure is slightly different, You can’t find allow unknown sources in security option.

  • Go to settings and click on the search bar.
  • Now, search for “special app access” and at last you can see allow unknown sources option.
  • Just allow it for the browser from where you are downloading the apk.
blackmart app download
Blackmart app first look

After installing the app, it looks like this.

Unable to install app from blackmart?

You can get an error while installing an app downloaded from blackmart and for installing it. You have to allow installation from the app option. It appears when the app tries to install any apk for the first time.

What if you didn’t allowed it and now you can’t find the option?

Just go to apps & notification and allow the app permission for app installation. After allowing it, you can download any app from there and install it easily. If you are still getting errors then comment below, we will help you as soon as possible.

Final Words

This was all about the blackmart alpha app which is available free on the internet as an google play store alternative. It has many amazing features and some drawbacks. You can try the app and leave your comments about it below.

For latest updates and details, bookmark us. If you have any query then comment below. we will love to hear from you. Have a great day.